Daily Departures

 30$ Per Person

Depart from the location in Kandy city to sigiriya               07.00 AM

Proceed to Sigiriya and climb sigiriya lion’s rock                 09.30 AM

Proceed to sigiriya village for lunch                                       12.30 PM

Proceed to dambulla cave temple                                          02.30 PM

Proceed to herbal gardens                                                      04.00 PM

Proceed to Kandy                                                                     06.00 PM

Arrive to Kandy                                                                         07.30 PM

                 2 TRAVELLERS          —–         40 USD ( pp )

                 4 TRAVELLERS          —–        35 USD ( pp )

                6 – 8 TRAVELLERS     —–        30 USD ( pp )


Inclusive exclusive

Travelling fee up and down in an air-conditioned vehicle

Bull locked cart ride

Tuk tuk ride

Boating in the lake

Traditional lunch in the farmer’s house

Water bottle

Visit herbal garden

Limited baggage space (20 Litter) per person


Entrance fee for archeological site

Tips and other personal expenses

As a srilakan tour operator it is proudly express that kandy to sigiriya day tour is a most scenic and joyful travel in the island. Before you start kandy to sigiriya day tour. We would like to describe the tour.  With the historical importance of the last kingdom of srilanka is great witness to keeping a hope of the worthiness of the journey in terms of historical importance.

Early in the morning all of the kandyan they start the day by worshiping the lord Buddha’s tooth relic, even the school children. At the same time the prayers of the temple of tooth make all the kandyan spiritually motivated. By the time you will be seeing a most picturesque image in the Kandy city with the sun rays which incident to the temple of the tooth relic and the golden roof top reflect the blessed sun shine to the entire Kandy through the skinny mist.

Having watched all of these its time to start the kandy to sigiriya day tour. The vehicle will be arrived to the location which you have send (whatsapp) to us and journey will be began.  You will be proceeded towards the north central of srilanka. The first river which you cross within 20 minutes is the longest river in the island known as Mahaveli, its stared from adam’s peak and ends from trincomalee.

Mathale is a city area which we meet next on our kandy to sigiriya day tour, Aluviharaya rock temple is proudly stands in this area with the historical importance. The thripitaka (Buddhist philosophy ) was transcribed and it was written on the palm leave books at the Aluvihare rock temple. In srilankas history they aluviharaya rock temple owns the finest library in the island and with the Mathale rebellion in 1848 with the british rulers aluviharaya rock temple and the library was destroyed. But the monks who was there they transcribed the thripitaka again. According our belief the aluviharaya is like a phoenix. The rebirth was happened on the ashes.

But more and more has to come on our tours form kandy to sigiriya, once we passed the Alu viharaya rock temple next will be the spice gardens there plenty of spice gardens. Mathale area is having calm temperature, considerable humidity and good soil with the water resources.  Therefore its good atmosphere to grow the plants specially paper, nutmeg and ginger is commonly cultivated. In this gardens they have planted variety of herbal plants and spice plants. Specially the way of extracting the raw materials, the way of production and the way of consumption of the spices and the herbs will be demonstrated by them. 

On our kandy to sigiriya day tour, the Dambulla cave tample is the first stop for the 2.30 hours of the journey. Dambulla cave temple the biggest and well maintained cave temple complex in srilanka. This monastery is named as UNESCO world heritage site in 1991. The best attraction in this temple is the five main caves roofed with one huge rock. There are more than 153 lord buddha’s statues (preaching , meditation, and reclining ) and three statues of king of srilanka and four of gods. The painting done on the ceiling and walls belongs to the lord buddha’s life events,

The first cave is called dewaraja lena , it is consisted of 14m long lord Buddha’s statue  and the adjacent cave is called maharaja lena. In this cave 16 preaching Buddha’s statues and 40 meditation Buddha’s statues are established. The third cave is called maha aluth viharaya in this premises more than 50 lord Buddha’s  statues and statue of king kirthi sri rajasinha can be seen. Fourth and fifth cave temples are built later period.

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